Individual Massage:

$ 20         per              15min

$ 80         per              60 min

$ 120      per             90 min

$ 160      per            120 min

Sign-up for the Just Breathe Contract Massage service: it’s individualized to meet your needs, with no joining or cancellation fees and any unused sessions carry on to the next month! You can start or stop this contract at any time with no sign-up or cancelation fee. Regular massage is key to keep your body in line and prevent  future injuries.

Our bodies are a well oiled machine; if maintenance is kept up, you should have less surprise injuries and/or pain.  Think of your body like a car: if you keep up with the oil changes or overall maintenance, your car will run more efficiently and last longer. 

Ask your therapist for more details.

Payment Methods Cash, Check, Credit Card, Pay Pal,Venmo 

The Massage Contract: 

 $ 70  per  60 min

$ 105   per   90 min

$ 140   per   120 min

Interested in a monthly massage, scheduled at your convenience and at a discounted price?

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