Raised in a health-conscious home in Calvert County, Maryland, I have always been an avid runner, competitive athlete and a natural caregiver, with a desire to help others improve their everyday life.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Towson University, I worked as a Physical Therapy Aide for five years, helping patients with their physical therapy exercises. This experience helped me understand firsthand the human body’s interaction with soft tissue mobilization and exercise.

With my acquired knowledge and desire to help people from a hands-on perspective, I was ready to lunge forward in my professional career. I attended Fortis Institute of Towson, and graduated from their 720 hour massage therapy program at the top of my class.  In 2013, I began my career at a local popular massage chain, loving every minute of it because of my diverse clientele and their different needs of massage.  

After two years, I was ready to move forward in my professional career and thats how Just Breathe was created.  I have found my passion in life: to improve the quality of life of my clientele through personalized and detail-oriented massage. 

Here at Just Breathe, we feel that there are no two clients, injuries and ailments or massage that are ever the same. One client with back pain will not receive the same massage as a different client with back pain. We are all vastly different! A huge part of massage, especially as a therapist, is to understand and read the client and their bodies and be able to adapt to their unique needs. As a Massage Therapist, my goal is to meet your needs and help you accomplish your therapeutic goals. Your body, your mind, your massage.  Let me show you my knowledge of the body and its functions and my intuitive nature with massage.

Cara Morton 
Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)

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